About me

I come from the land of diverse cultures, India. I often miss the wonderful taste of home-cooked Indian food. As someone with a sensitive stomach, I always make sure I make a conscious, healthy and balanced choice of food at home and on the go. I was met with many aromatic Indian snacks that were delicious yet easy to digest. Every time I visited my family in India, being a snack lover, I always carried back bags full of goodies - especially Water Lily Pops .

The entrepreneur in me thought - why not introduce these nutritious snacks to Germany! This thought led me to founding 'Just Nosh' . We aim to provide everyone with a healthy snacking experience with our range of delicious, healthy snacks rooted in nature and culture.

Just nibble...

We are all looking for snack products that we can nibble on without worry. We would like to support you and bring you natural, minimally processed and crunchy snacks home! First up, the Water Lily Pops from India!

What do we stand for?

Nutritious by nature

Only natural ingredients, no additives. We source the products directly from farmers and local producers.

Happy through taste

Refined with savory spices or natural sweetness, our products leave you wanting more. Quality meets taste and brings joy to everyone!

Culinary journey

We bring you closer to the culinary diversity of India! Come with us on a journey through a delicious snack world.

Grown in natural waters

The spiny water lily (Latin: Euryale ferox) is grown in nutrient-rich waters in eastern India. No pesticides or chemicals are used during cultivation. In the water, the plant not only produces beautiful flowers, but the seeds also provide an excellent source of nutrients. In India the popped seeds are known as Makhana. Growing the plant is an important source of livelihood for many people in the region.