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How are they harvested?

Lotus seeds are grown in natural ponds and rivers in the East of India. They are also known as Water Lily seeds, Fox nuts or Makhana around the world. They contribute to the main source of livelihood for the farmers.

Water lily.png

Step 1:

The seeds are harvested from the water lily plant, a type of Lotus flower. 

Step 2:

They are collected from the bottom of the ponds and sun dried.


Step 3:

The seeds are then sorted by size.

Step 4:
These batches are roasted twice between a gap of 48-72 hours.


Step 5:

The roasted seeds are popped by a wooden hammer called pitna.

Step 6:

They are seasoned, roasted again at low temperatures to gain crispiness and flavored with only natural spices.


Step 7:

Packaged with love, ready to be enjoyed by you!

prast pan.png
makhana png1.png
makhana png1.png
makhana png1.png
makhana png1.png
makhana png1.png
makhana png1.png

We as a company take responsibility for the environment and decided from the start to neutralize our carbon footprints. Our transport is neutralized and we are trying our best to find ways to be more sustainable.



We source directly from the farmers and support them with the production. Since this is a family run business we ensure that the women are given recognition for their work.

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