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What are Lotus seeds? Why is it an Indian superfood?

Lotus seeds are also popularly called Makhana in Hindi or Fox nuts in english. They are an ancient Ayurvedic seed and have been used in India since ancient times. They belong to the water lily plant family and are fruits of a flower similar looking to the Lotus flower. They grow in aquatic lands in Bihar, Eastern India - the 3rd largest state! The river Ganges divides the state and floods its fertile plains. Bihar produces 90% of the world population of Lotus seeds. It is also home to the Bodhi tree where the Buddha meditated. Pretty awesome right ?

Lotus seeds are gaining popularity around the world for various of its properties. It is used in curry preparations, can be enjoyed as morning cereal, croutons or just as a snack. Since the seeds cannot be consumed by itself, they are roasted right after harvest and popped into this crunchy snack.

They are known as an Indian superfood as they have all the essential amino acids, containing Kaempferol called flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory and anti ageing properties. Not only are lotus pops free of all major allergens, vegan snacks but also 39% lesser in fat than popcorn and 29% lesser in calories. They might look like popcorn but definitely have their own taste.

Just nosh brings to you these nutrient dense snacks as your snacking alternative. Enjoy them while you are on the go or during those mid afternoon attacks. They are sure to surprise you with taste, crunch and how light you feel. No more fat on your hands. Snack without any compromise!

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