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my story

I hail from the land of diverse cultures, India, and my move to Germany pulled me stronger to my roots. Although I adapted well to my new home, I fondly missed the taste of homemade Indian food. 


As someone with stomach sensitivity, I have always had to be more conscious about what I eat and needed to choose healthier, balanced foods. Many flavorful Indian snacks which are delicious yet light on the stomach suited me. Every time I visited my home, being a snack lover I would carry back bags filled with snacks. That's when the entrepreneur in me thought - why not introduce these nutritious snacks to Germany!


That thought led me to establishing 'Just Nosh' which aims to provide everyone with a healthy snacking experience with its range of delicious, healthy snacks rooted in nature and culture.

-Shweta Pahuja (Founder)


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Better for you

Simple and known ingredients sourced directly, without additives, aroma and preservatives. Plant-based and truly nutritious, our snacks are made for a healthy, happy you!

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Always Tasty

Snacks infused with flavorful herbs and spices to fully satisfy your taste buds. We offer the consumer a balance of high quality, health and taste so they can enjoy their snack without any guilt.

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Cultural Experience

The best way to experience a country is through its food. We take you on a journey to explore India through its diverse tastes!

Our vision is a world in which nature can offer healthy food to everyone in a sustainable manner. This vision guides all of our business ideas and our code of conduct.


Our mission is to empower a happy and healthy lifestyle by introducing Indian origin snacks that are good for you and the environment. 


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