Wie wir uns für Nachhaltigkeit einsetzen

How sustainability matters to us

For us as founders, it was very clear for us from the beginning that we want to build a sustainable company. At the core of what lies is the contribution that we are making with our products to the people. For us sustainability means multiple angles to consider: 

Harvest: The flowers grow naturally in ponds in India. This means it requires no additional water for its growth. All the popped seeds are sourced directly locally from the farmers. These seeds contribute to their livelihood and hence direct trade.   

Production: The main reason why we choose India as the place for production is that the people have the expertise in dealing with a natural product like Water lily seeds. They have been consuming it since centuries and it became essential to leave the manufacturing in the hands of the experienced. Additionally, we wanted to contribute back to the Indian communities considering our deep connections with the country. 

Product: Utilize 100% natural ingredients to provide a wholesome snack for the consumer. We want to be in true sense a family snack hence no preservatives or flavouring agents. 

Shipping & Delivery: We ship the products by sea and ensure that we utilize the container to its maximum capacity to keep our CO2 footprint low. We deliver all our products with DHL GoGreen to our B2C customers and utilize transportation networks to combine shipments to B2B customers. 

 Sustainability is a continues work-in-progress. You never stop working towards making the entire value chain more sustainable and transparent to our customers and consumers. 

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